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Central American & Caribbean Games

The Central American and Caribbean Games (CAC Games) are a multi-sport regional championships event, every 4 years in the middle year between Summer Olympics. The Games are for countries in Central America, the Caribbean, Mexico, Bermuda and the South American countries of Surinam, Guyana, Colombia and Venezuela. The Games are overseen by the Central American and Caribbean Sports Organisation (CACSO).

Gymnastics first featured in the games in 1946 and has been included every year since 1970. The Cayman Islands first participated in the CAC Games in 1986.

The CAC Games are a FIG sanctioned event. Female competitors must turn 14 and male competitors must turn 15 in the year of competition.

Recent and Upcoming CAC Games

2010 Mayaguez, Puerto Rico

2014 Veracruz, Mexico (18 July-1 August)