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The Youth Olympic Games

The Youth Olympic Games (YOG) is an international multi-sport event first held in Singapore ín 2010 and held every four years. The age limitation of the athletes is 14 to 18, and this is further restricted by FIG which requires female gymnasts to be 15 and male gymnasts to be 16 or 17 in the year of competition.

The Games also feature cultural exchange programs and opportunities for participants to meet Olympic athletes.  Education and culture are key components for the Youth Olympics. Not only does the education/culture aspect apply to athletes and participants, but also youth around the world and inhabitants of the host city and surrounding regions. To this end a Culture and Education Program (CEP) will be featured at each Games.

Gymnasts may qualify their country for the Youth Olympics at their respective Junior Continental Championships and reach a minimum standard defined by FIG.  Each qualifying country may only be represented by one male and one female gymnast.  The Junior Continental Championships for the Cayman Islands are the Pam American Championships.

Recent and Upcoming Youth Olympics

 2010 Singapore

2014 Nanjing